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Tekno Valves North America is the authorized sales agent for WEH compressed gas quick connectors throughout the US. The partnership allows us to better serve our customers by having the highest quality products that make filling cylinders safer and more efficient.

WEH has been manufacturing quick connectors since 1983, and has developed solutions to meet the stringent safety and leak tightness requirements of the compressed gas industry. WEH’s product range includes quick connectors for filling, evacuating, and testing gas cylinders with a variety of connection configurations.

Quick Connect options are available for CGA580, CGA540, CGA870, CGA 910, and many more!

TW42 C1-117833
TW152 C1-146922
TW54 C1-117539
TW54 C1-117540
TW57 C1-134003

Available Actuators

A large variety of actuators are available to meet the different market package configurations

WEH Quick Connect:
Maintenance Program

If you have an existing WEH quick connect unit, WEH offers a preventative maintenance program that can be as little as 1/3 the cost of purchasing a new unit. Please contact your sales representative for details.

WEH Quick Connect parts and accessories can be ordered on Amazon.
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